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Friday, October 2, 2009

Your big day.

Tell me girls, what else spells ELEGANCE better than this does? ;)


I guess you can pretty much tell...
I'm not yet over with my denim fetish! :P


xoxo, PG Bags

The perfect casual bag! But on second thoughts...
Hmm, I believe you can use it to work too yeah! :D


Of sweet pink bows and quilted bags. *hearts*


This lazy little bucket bag is so simple yet pretty!


xoxo, Vain Pot

Is prom coming up? Are you looking for a dinner bag?
Here's one very classy one. Yet not priceyyyy! Yayness! :)


xoxo, Bagz Pool

And oh another beach bag for us all girls! :D
I love the design of how the ribbon is weaved in.

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