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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where have you been?

Miss TLF is now back with updates! :)
I went away for a short holiday to Sydney.
Got my mind cleared out already now.
Anyway, thanks for the concern, huns! :D

A drawstring bag with huge what-do-we-call-that?
But yeah you get the drift, don't cha? *giggles*
But we must admit that it's really pretty no? I like it!


xoxo, Winkstick

The perfect bag for uni, like seriously. Agreed, darls?
I've got such a big bag for uni but it's always not enough.
I need a bigger one. Maybe I've got way too much junk. :P


It looks a bit velvet-ish to me, but definitely pretty, yes?
Chanel inspired again; we've got plenty of them but still...
We just cannot get enough YET, isn't it girls? *nods head*


There you go, another Chanel inspired. ;)
This time in checkered patterns. Yummeh!


This is what they call the high quality replica bags.
They used to have only AAA, now 7A's already. :P


Be amazed! This bag is only RM15 and that includes postage! ;)
That's like a steal, babes! Hop over to the RM15 corner already!


xoxo, Dorfbury

Vintage bucket bags all florally there for you girls!


I've always always adored this handmade blogshop! :)
It was one of my favourites and it still is! So adorable!


Just in case you're wondering, that's authentic babes!
Here's where you can go to for authentic luxury items. ;)


Fify Hunny said...

omg.hw much is taht uni bag. i so need a new bag to go to classs

Luxurious Fashionista said...

Hey there, hop over to Winkstick for more info. The link is provided below the picture. :)

Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D