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Friday, October 9, 2009

Of everything gigantic and huge.

Short talk: A friend of mine downloaded the whole set of Mr. Bean and I got them from him. I was watching it all night, and had a good laugh. Here's one I wanna share: What's your name? Bean. First name sir? Mister. LOL!

I spot with my little eye the big gigantic flower. ;)


The redefined ol' school bags that looks oh-so-trendy! :D


I love the shades of purple there, don't you too?
And boy, it is huge yeah? I love big bags much! :D


There's something about this bag that attracts me.
Could it be the big button? Hmmm... I don't think so.
Ah yes, it must be how you can shape it in two ways. ;)


Take a closer look at the bag and you can see pretty designs.
Or is it just the crumply look? Anyhoos, it's just cantik lah! :P


Of round studs and starry studs. Nuff' said. :)


It's the simplicity of this clutch that I adore. ;)

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