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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time to dazzle your wardrobes! ;)

This special feature is brought to you by:

Dazzling Wardrobe

This is my favourite among the lot! :D
It's simple and defines your figure well.
You can pair it with leggings, or without.
Simplicity at its best, don't cha think so babes?

Laced butterfly wings babes! Not just that!
This piece can be worn off-shoulder too!
Comes in four colours! But I prefer teal best.

Tiered dress for a cocktail night?
Or simply for a date to the movies?
Depends on how you accessorize, really.
Best part is, comes with a free clincher! :D

If you wanna go sexy, sure thing babes! ;)
Keep that inner white top for another day.
It comes together with the top FOR FREE.
Oh, and that leather strap? It's adjustable yo!

Are any of you still very into bows here?
I won't say I am not, cox I think I still am.

If like me you have flabby arms, it's better to cover.
But if you have nice toned arms, FLAUNT IT can! ;)
If you're adventurous, go for the brighter colour.
Otherwise, just stick to the classic grey. Looks pretty too!

And perhaps an elastic black clincher with gold buckle?
It goes well with pretty much everything. Easy to match!

And who says it's a lil too over to wear a scarf in Malaysia?
Come on! Nothing's wrong yeah babes! This is what we call...

FASHION!!! *wooooots* :D

They're currently giving FREE POS LAJU for all items. And if you sign up to be their follower, you're automatically entitled to 10% discount. Hmmm... Let's see, you can save quite a lot there can? So hurry up and head over to make your purchase already babes before they end the promotion! The early bird catches the worm. *winkwink*

Dazzling Wardrobe

Have a great week, my dear readers! :)
And thank you for the supportive emails.
I appreciate them a lot. I'm doing better now.
Just gotta finish up my assignments....
You girls miss me, don't cha? *blush*

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