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Friday, December 26, 2008

Hanging over from Boxing Day!

Item: Lacey
Colour: Denim
Price: RM25

Looks like a mini dress to me! Girls, MUSTHAVE alert!

Item: Mod & Classy
Colour: Brown
Price: RM125

Somehow, this bag reminds me of honey bees.
I guess it's the lock that brings that thought.
Well, it's a lil pricey, but I think it's gorgeous! :D

Item: Biker Chic
Colour: Black, White
Price: RM55

Biker Chic yo! Gaya wei, don't cha think so?

Item: Woven Tote
Colour: Brown, Black, Olive Green
Price: RM65

Weavey weavey fans, rush over already! :P

Item: Cleef
Colour: Brown
Price: RM35

Very vintagey, I feel. And very affordable too! :D

Note from Miss TLF:
I am hanging over from Boxing Day. *pheeewww*
So tired from all the walking and yes, needless to say...
I just burnt a hole in my pocket. *sniffles* *sobs* *cries*
I've gotta eat Maggi and Indomee every day from now on.
Unless anybody is kind enough to donate me a bag.
Not that I'll sell it off to earn bucks, but to cheer me up!

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