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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Girls' night out! :) - PART 3

"You sure know how to enjoy life, girl. If only I get to work free-lance, I'll have plenty of time to rejuvenate myself with this new face mask of mine," I said, green in envy.

"Wasn't this the one you bought a fortnight ago, when we were at KLCC?" Carmen asked.

"Indeed, it is. You know how my mask finishes less than a week after I've bought them. Work has definitely taken its toll on me. I haven't even got time to apply masks every night anymore. Look at my skin. So wrinkly and awful looking," I sighed with a frown on my face.

"Don’t fret, darling. At least you're earning big bucks! When the tough gets going, the going gets tough. You knew it was going to be hard being a boss lady, but being the ambitious-self that you are, you wouldn't let such a great opportunity slip by without even giving it a try. After all, you've got great potential in succeeding. I believe in you, babe," Carmen comforted me.

"Aww hun! You really do know how to make me feel better. But let's not talk about work tonight. Topic closed! What happened to our e-shopping?" I teased.

"Oh, yes! The whole purpose of tonight's cathing up! Remember Megan? Nick's colleague?" Carmen asked.

"Nick as in your boyfriend Nick, or our high school annoying mate, Nick Tan?" I asked, trying to act all silly, and we both burst out into laughters.

"Of course I remember Meg. A crazy shopaholic, she is. She labels herself as the Fashionista of the Year and she dresses like she's a celebrity. Ha-ha! Tell me Carm, how can I forget someone who dresses as if she got invited to a ball when all we had that night were the charcoal grill and sausages?" I spoke in between really loud giggles.

"Rach! That's really mean of you to say that. Oh, I can't help but agree though!" she breaks into hysterical high-pitched laughters. "Damn! I miss these gossip sessions with you. We've got to do this more often, girl. Anyway, as I was saying, Meg recommended this online boutique to me, and boy was I amazed,” Carmen said.

"How amazing? To be able to meet up to Meg's expectation, I would suppose they sell plenty of occasion dresses that can be worn to BBQ parties then?" I hazarded a guess.

"Ha-ha-ha! Rach, you've got to stop pulling my leg or I'll never finish what I'm trying to say here," Carmen hissed at me.

*Part 4 - To be continued...

Note: This short story is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the product of Miss TLF's imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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