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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just a lil clarification! :)

If you've been reading Miss TLF, I'm sure you would have came across my endless whinings on how upset I was upon finding out that one of my favourite pair of oxford pumps, Chantelle, from Clothes Bucket was charged at a really low price at Ray Corner.

However alike they might look, upon close inspection, they are totally not at all the same. If you look at the pictures I provided above closely enough, you'll notice that the stilettos of Chantelle (left) are black and glossy, complimenting the glossy black PU tips a top the heels. On the other hand, Kazana's (right) are wooden, not glossy and their tips are matte as well.

The only assumption I can possibly make out of this after a lil chat I had with Kye Li from Clothes Bucket, the owners behind Ray Corner are probably suppliers themselves seeing as how the other pair of oxfords are sold way cheaper as well.

Alternatively, you know how factories in China/ Taiwan often rip off designs from Japan and Hong Kong? I am not in any way trying to put Ray Corner down but it only makes sense- hence the difference in material used.

I've got Kye Li's promise that Chantelle is made only of the best quality material, is insanely comfortable and more importantly- are imported from Hong Kong and not China. According to the sweetie, having dealt with different suppliers, any seller can tell you that China/Taiwan items are lousiest in terms of quality, workmanship and material.

And, the e-shop owner behind Ray Corner did mention she's abroad at the moment afterall. :) However, it is still a cheaper alternative for those of you who aren't so willing to splurge on something that looks almost similar but are in fact different in terms of quality.

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