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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Updates only for you girls! :D

The e-Beautique

Item: Candylicious
Colour: Black, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red
Price: Not available

Quilted bags in rainbow colours, what you waiting for? ;)

Item: Cherry Series
Colour: White and Pink
Price: RM80

This so so sweet! :D I love cherries. :)
For me the represent the word - CHERISH.

Item: 100% Cotton
Colour: Grey
Price: RM95

Well, I know it's a lil pricey for a tote like this.
But it's imported from Korea, so you know I know...
The quality is better than that of China's product. :D

Item: Sexy Plaid
Colour: Red
Price: RM55

I fell head over heels for this can?
Absolutely adore this pair already!
I wish I can have one of it for myself.
But I just burnt a hole in my pocket. :'(

Anybody wants to donate a pair to me as a X'mas gift? :P

Item: Dice
Colour: Black
Price: RM45

Look at that cute little charm hanging there? ;) It's a DICE!
It looks glittery to me, but you've gotta confirm with them. ;)

Item: Fringe & Bow 2 (addition)
Colour: Purple, Black
Price: RM47

Remember how I always bang on and on about purple being in trend? This comes with fringes and bows which adds on to the trendy effect already. Don't want to miss out on this baby, darls! :) They have many more updates on bags, check them out already! :D

Item: Gold Chain Bag
Colour: Black
Price: RM75

Very classic looking I'd say, what do you think, girls?

Item: LV Inspired
Colour: Red
Price: RM700

Wow! A whooping RM700! My jaws literally dropped can?
For this price, you can probably get an authentic branded bag.
But I'm not too sure about what you think. It just depends on
how you value the things you purchase and if it's worth spending. ;)

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