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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Do's and Don'ts!

Item: Zippy Clutch
Colour: White, Silver
Price: RM31

More clutches girls! :D This one with quilted patterns.
The more the merrier so if you already have a few clutches,
add one more to the collection, they'll feel happy. Hahaha! :P

Item: Squared
Colour: Brown, Maroon
Price: RM64

Maroon's nicer compared to this brown one. Serious k?
But I put it up to tempt you guys only. *cue suspense music*
Head over to the e-shop link provided above to see for yourself.

Item: Chain Saw
Colour: Brown, Bronze
Price: RM58

Sounds very ganas lor this bag, don't pley-pley! :P

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