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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The cool edgy and the feminine.

It doesn't matter if or not you're the cool edgy or the feminine kinda girl, either can pull off this summer pants from Tiffany Wardrobe.

For the cool edgy, a long-tee would go very well with the shorts; Creme Fraiche has quite a number of pretty long tees, some sleeveless if you can't stand Malaysia's heat. ;)

On the other hand, if you wanna pull off a more feminine look, you might wanna match the shorts with this ruffles-lacey-tiered spaghetti floral top from The Odd Loft.

The cool edgy can go with this oversized bag from Tiffany's Wardrobe and chuck whatever nonsense you have into it. I like to bring a water bottle and sometimes even, a storybook out with me, so a big bag comes in handy here.

The feminine can go for the Piero Guidi's inspired circus chain bag from Dusky Wings. You may either carry it on your shoulder or sling it across. I'd say shoulder - simply because it's more feminine-like. I mean if you're going out on a date, you don't really need to carry much stuff. Maybe your Carmex, and some make-up items to touch up a little. ;)

This appeals only for the more feminine look. You may pull your hair back into a high ponytail and have them tied up with these pretty floral chiffon scrunchies from Little Kind of Things. Both ribbon and lace (L) or the bunny-eared (R) ones look just as good. It depends on your personal preference. ;)

I'd like to match it with my top so I'd definitely go for the pink ones. Or white base with orange/pink floral patterns would be nice too! :D

If you don't like tying your hair up, you can go for the cap or hat from The Odd Loft. I'd say the white embroidered muffy cap for the feminine and the floral boater hat for the cool edgy. Or you may switch them around, and have a mix of cool + feminine. ;)

And now, down to the shoes. I picked them up off Dusky Wings. Definitely the brown oxford flats for the cool edgy, or perhaps you could go for a pair of gladiators too!

The feminine can pair up with the two-toned white and pink suede oxford flats, or complete your look with a pair of flats. I spotted a pretty ribbon flats in black & cream (think: Chanel inspired) at Dusky Wings. Worth having a look at! ;)

So which are you? The cool edgy, or the feminine?

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