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Monday, October 18, 2010

Not too sophisticated, yet elegant.

A guy whom you've been in contact with for a while, is now asking you out for a dinner date - a first date.

You want to look your best, and be as elegant as you can. You want to look beautiful, but yet don't wanna go too overboard. In short, you simply just want to impress him.

I personally think that on your first dinner date, it's best to wear a dress. For obvious reasons, dresses make you more feminine-like. Take this sophisticated, yet simple dress from What's Your Flavour?

You may very well put on a bold necklace like the above from Sleeping Beautee. Or if you prefer to go just with a simple necklace with a beautiful pendant, you can too! But if you're going for a long necklace, which I reckon looks better with this dress, I'd say make sure it's below the V-line. ;)

Bangles like the above from What's Your Flavour are totally optional if wear watches. But if you don't, they are a must. Well, at least for me. Otherwise, I'd feel like my hands look a little too naked. :P

Earrings are important, IMO at least. ;) And for this look, a simple studded one would be good. Because you have both the necklaces and bangles on, we don't want dangling earrings to make you look too over-accessorized

I have friends who do not have piercings, and if you're the same, FRET NOT! You can always match up with some elegant rings. I have a whole collection of rings, and I simple cannot get enough of them. And here at Soak Republic, they have PLENTY of choices to spoil you with - earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.. ;)

And down to the shoes, wedges or heels would be good. ;) I personally prefer heels because I reckon they look more formal. And they're easier to "dangle" on your feet; a move that provokes a man's arousal. ;)

Shoes are statements of your outfit, so NEVER be spotted out on a first date in flats alright! Yes, regardless of how pretty they can get. Unless, it's a casual movie outing, then it's fine. Keep in mind that you don't wanna look sloppy.

It's definitely worth having a look at The Shoe Cupboard, they have plenty of designs that comes in several colours too. But as it is a pre-order thing, you might wanna have a pair prepared to match your fav dress. You never know, HE might just ask you out tonight. ;)

If you wanna pull off a sweeter look rather than appear all elegant, Room 8008 has a lot of 'em pretty dresses. Or if you wanna go for the sexayyyy look, they have red sexy-back dresses too. Your guy won't be able to take his eyes off you, I SWEAR!

If you're going for the sweeter look, simple accessories will do. In that case, I'd say a simple hairband would add on perfectly. The above ribbon hairband from Le Mode Maison might just be the one for you - pretty double-toned ribbon added on with a hint of elegance with the diamante that would bling under the spotlight. ;)

So, are you prepared now for your first date? ;) Which look would you go for? 

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