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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I can haz rainbow-coloured eyes! :P

Sad to admit, I was a really geeky student when I was young and I enjoyed reading story books A LOT. I could finish an Enid Blyton in a day and my mummmy would go, "WHY READ SO FAST?" It gives her headache because reading fast = nothing to read anymore = me wanting to buy new books = spending money! :P

I guess that pretty much explains why I started wearing glasses since I was in Standard 4. And then as I entered high school, it got a tad bit inconvenient with glasses especially when I wanted to play sports. Okay, that was a lie. I just didn't wanna look so nerdy.

I bugged my mum for AGES and finally she brought me to my optician who then introduced me to "contact lenses". That was 8 years ago. But of course at that time, I only wore the clear ones.

As I grew up, I became more vain and wanted to try on the coloured ones. Back then though, they were really expensive and not many people wore colored ones, all the more I wanted because I like to stand out. :P

I loveeeee wearing coloured contact lenses because I can pull it off easily with minimal make-up. Sometimes I don't even bother putting on ANY make-up and yet my eyes don't look tired and droopy.

They say, "Once you start wearing coloured-lenses, you're never going back to clear ones." Heck, that's so true. Because I no longer wear clear contact lenses anymore. In fact, instead of sticking to the usual brown, grey or black contact lenses...

I got a tad bit more adventurous, I tried purple, and I'm now with blue. :P

There's no comparison between the coloured and the clear ones okay! Coloured contact lenses win HANDS DOWN BABAAAAYYYYY!!! :P

So yes, back then coloured contact lenses were so expensive but now, with so many new brands popping up, the prices dropped and yay! They're more affordable now!

Like Geo lenses... and now i-Fairy which I am starting to love and want to try EVERY SINGLE COLOUR! They're all so pretty! Come lemme tempt you babes. :P

The Hanabi series and Cherry Gold... DAMN CHIO MAX LOR!

I like the Ruby versions too! And I think I know why!
Cox they have black rims and they enlarge your eyes!

But if you prefer simplicity, then you can go for Pearl Black. ;)
Or if you love PINK (!!!) like I do, go for the Super Nudy Pink.

And they're all 16.2MM wide, which enlarges your eyes. *winkwink*

So where can you get 'em from?

1 pair for RM50
2 pairs for RM90
3 pairs for RM120

Prices inclusive of free shipping & postage! :D
Only because they're on a Merdeka Promo now.

Oh, I heard pre-order closing on the 16th Aug...
So you might wanna pop over like NOWWWW!!!

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