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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Do you ♥ being SPECIAL?

They now have floral bags to match your Spring outfit babes!
My oh my, I'm absolutely loving the round handle already can!


Omg! What an adorable casing to store your camera!
I could do with a canon one for my pink Ixus baby! :P


I don't know what is it about the red vintage inspired bag...
I just know that I have to have it! Enter: MUST-HAVE LIST!


xoxo, slicked

Are they CANTIK or what? I want all three designs! HOW?!!
Sigh, if I buy everything I want, might KABOOM my wardrobe.


Not your typical bags babes; you can't find these elsewhere. ;)
If you like being special, go for something unique to stand out.


I like it when I'm given a variety of colours so I have choices...
But being an OCD in deciding, I can decide which colour is best? :P
Anyhoos, here's for the quilted-fans out there! This trend is still IN.


xoxo, Grazioso

Would you prefer a duo tone shoulder?
Or a duo tone sling? They have both! :D


xoxo, BubuChak

That's one sweet pink bag, with a ribbon sewn at the handle.


xoxo, iGloo

Like I said earlier, the quilts trend is still IN IN IN!
And this comes with an extra zhng - metal chains! ;)

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