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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bew Tee Full

Before we go into bags, I must must must show you this,
that's if you haven't already heard of this handmade talent!

OMG SO CUTE!!! Makes a very good gift, esp to your loved ones. ;)


LACES ARE ON BAGS NOW! Uber uber love can! *melts*
Can somebodaaaaaaay buy that grey + white one for me? :D


A variety of bags to match your different outfit babes! ;)


And there you have, authentic luxury brands...
Of course on more affordable prices lah! *winks*


Quilted bucket bags... Simplicity at its best! ;)


Replica Gucci if you don't wanna waste too much on authentic!


That's one cute quilted heart shaped sling babes!
Bet it'll match a pretty feminine dress just well. ;)

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