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Monday, May 24, 2010

How much is that BAGGIE in the window?

Radley, I'm in love with you. I really am.
You make my heart go 'dup dup, dup dup'.
It's been a while since I last felt this way.


They always bring in fashion items that make me go ARGH!
Because I get so tempted to buy, yet I know I'm very broke.
Just look at the above vintagey bag, a definite YES for kitty lovers!


I thought my love for bucket bags was over...
Until I saw the Saddle! Goodness gracious me!
I'd say go for the RED! Will surely make heads turn.


xoxo, BBDazzled

Unique is the one term I'd use to describe the top right bag!
Something people will turn to look, turn away, then turn back again.
It's such a eye-catcher "backpack" sorta. :P I love unique things! :D


xoxo, Zegner

Clutch or shoulder that pretty collage work.
Goes well with casual outfit like jeans or dresses.
And yes, vintagey bags on the go too babes! :P


xoxo, Style Tr8

And what did I say about being unique?
Ah, all sorts of designs are coming out! ;)


xoxo, Jianuine

And for those who has this ultimate love for luxury brands...
This is where you should hop over to for awesome bargains! :D

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