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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bold or Bolder?

Having lived in Melbourne for the past 4 years, I realised how the girls here are more daring when it comes to mix-matching their outfits. Back in Malaysia, when someone wears something a little odd-er than the usual, people give them weird stares. Here in Melbourne, we call it Fashion.

Perhaps, if bit by bit, we try to change the mindset of fellow Malaysians, prolly, we wouldn't be getting millions of weird stares when you put on something a little bolder. Cheesie, for one, is someone of whom has great fashion sense and her style is certainly not common, as she's mostly influenced by the Jap fashion culture, but don't you all think she's awesome? Well, I do. ;)

Four years ago, when leggings and tights weren't yet a big hit in Malaysia, I was already a big fan of 'em. Back then, people hardly wear tights out to malls, or to dinner, or anywhere at all for that matter. And when I wore them, I got millions of weird stares.

I even heard a passer by said something along the lines of, "Wah, she not hot one meh? She think Malaysia winter is it?" (-___-)" Oh wells.

But the next time I went back during summer, tights and leggings were already a very common fashion item, and most girls in the mall have 'em on.

And today, rather than having just the basics stir-ups tights...

We also have tights with pretty designs and patterns.

That not only comes in black only, but now, with white as well.

Which is so totally awesome can! Take this top for example...

And try pairing them with any of the tights below...

You can match it with either of the above eight designs;
be it the black or the white, it'll look just as awesome! :D


Oh, on a very random note, did I tell you before that I once really loathed polka dots? That was back then during the days when I was about 14 years of age. But now, I totally adore polka dots! I have dresses, tops, and leggings all in polka dotsies! :P

If you reckon, big dots are not your-type-of-style, well nothing to fret about. They have the more subtle polka dots too! You see, just a simple top, and it goes well with just any of the above tights! And it adds just that extra zing to your outfit.

Of course, tights aren't the only big hit in the contemporary fashion culture. Leggings are just as fashionable now. Unlike tights which are more opaque and flexible, leggings are usually footless and are thicker. And leggings can usually be worn as a substitute of pants, or with short dresses/long tops.

Take this pretty top for example... For those who are not as daring to flaunt your legs, you can always pair this long top with leggings. They can be plain...

Or have polka dots!

Or have snake-skinned designs!

Or simply just stripey ones!

I have a lot of friends who no longer wear jeans, but pair almost anything at all with leggings! Because well, it's obviously a lot more comfortable to substitute pants with leggings. Even in winter, but of course we have to get the thicker ones.

So, which are you? Miss Tights or Miss Leggings? I am both.
Miss Tights during summer. Miss Leggings during winter. :P

Colorful Pink Room

If any of the above pair catches your eyes, hop over.
They have PLENTY of pretty designs, babes. Whoooo~
And very affordable too, I got myself a couple of pairs. :)

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