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Friday, April 9, 2010

Shoes FTW.

For some, FTW is just the backwards spelling of the infamous WTF. For some vulgar ones, it's Fcuk The World. For me though, it's FOR THE WIN!


I've been around the e-shopping sphere for quite a while and Orange Little has been one of the BEST blogshops that brings in really pweety shoes! And regardless of what your style is, Orange Little has about anything in store that could just be SO you.

If you ask me, I'd prefer flats and pumps more than I do heels.
And I personally ADORE the white peep-toe flats. *ribbon-fetish*
I even got a pair of 'em for myself and it goes well with most outfit.

Not your typical sneakers babe! Made of suede material.
It would definitely be very comfortable to walk around in.

Is anyone still very very into oxford heels, like I am? :P
Still not used to high heels? Then go for the shorter one!

They even have mini leopard spots on the oxford shorty! :D

Mini lil studs on the front of the peep-toes heels, with a slingback.
I bet it would go REALLY well with any of your any elegant dresses.
It can even go well with any pants or skirts babes, for below RM80!

Laces laces laces. They're on skirts, tops, dresses and SHOES even! :D

The shoes you can wear to work, to uni, to the mall, to the clubs.
Anywhere for any occasion, these heels are the MUST HAVES! ;)

Fancy any of the above pairs, head over to Orange Little already!

Orange Little

And omgosh, FREE POSTAGE and 25% discount babes!
Orange Little FTW yo! Don't miss your chance already! :D

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