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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Glitter away! ;)

It can either be earrings, bracelets or necklaces...
There must definitely be something that you like! ;D

I love earrings, especially dangly ones. I have LOADS of them!
But now that I have a short haircut, studs suits me better liao.

All four pairs above I SUPER DUPER HEART can! *faintssss*
Especially the bottom left earrings, so unique right babes? :D
They have a few colours as shown below, but pink's my fav still!

To be really frank, I don't wear much bangles or bracelets.
That's because I already have one bracelet each on both hands.

But these are really nice ones especially the one bottom right...
And they make me wanna buy, but I don't wear em often.
Before I change my mind babes, better lay your hands on 'em!
Especially the ribboney one on the top left corner babes!

The floral one would definitely boost your floral dresses! ;)
The in-trend to go for this season already babes! Woots!

Pretty necklaces that makes me have butterflies in my heart. ;)

You can also mix and match their items to make it a set! :D

This particularly is my fav! You know why? Very Gucci inspired! ;)

I know you're already going gogo-gaga over the bewtifool items, no?
I shall not keep you here with my rantings anymore. HEAD OVER!

Glitz Shoppe

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