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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A sneaky I couldn't resist.

It was staring at me from my laptop screen,
screaming "I KNOW YOU WANT ME" in silence.

I gulped.

The temptation was huge.
And I wanted to succumb.

I mean... Who wouldn't?

For such a PRETTY BOM BOM POW bucket bag!!!
With round studs organised to perfection alright! *drools*

A close-up shot just to tempt you even more. :P
(Backlashed cox I tempted myself even more gah!)

Comes in four different colours, darls.
Do you want one? Will you succumb?

Remember your date, with either one of them.

When? Friday, 6th November 2009, at 9pm. :D

Psssst babes, they're bringing in this lacey vest too!
Laces - they're so IN, you don't wanna miss OUT. ;)

OH OH BABES, I'll be back tomorrow...
With something BIG! Hohoho!!! ;)
So stay tuned alright? *hugs and kisses*

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