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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are you one of our KAKI?

No no babes, of course I did not mean that you're one of our leg! *giggles* Just to fill you in a bit with our Malaysian culture, 'Kaki' is a Manglish term for 'friend or company' primarily used in informal speech. I bet most of you babes already know that, right? ;) Like we've got mamak kaki, mahjong kaki (*hands itchy*!!!) and now we've got BAGSKAKI!!! (*heart itchy*)

Managed by bagaholics for bagaholics, Bagskaki only offers BRAND NEW & AUTHENTIC Designer bags which are:
  • At insanely lowest price guaranteed!
  • 100% authenticity guaranteed!
  • Exclusively available items! (Think rare items)
LOWEST NETT PRICES GUARANTEED! As such, if you don't believe, they're cool with you conducting your own price-check! If you're able to prove them wrong, send them the link and they will be more than happy to MATCH the lower nett selling price you discovered. But of course, that's provided you can find one. *winkwink*

Bagskaki guarantees that:
  • ALL goods are 100% AUTHENTIC.
  • Coach & designer brand bags are flown in from USA; sourced from either the designer boutiques or designer outlets.
  • gin&Jacqie bags are sourced from the Designer herself in Malaysia.
...What are you waiting for? Get ready to indulge....pronto!

At Bagskaki, you will be assured of mouth-watering surprises & more surprises every SINGLE month Yeap babe, that's their promise to us bags-kaki's!!! :D

And as mentioned, they're staying true to their words. So for the month of November, Bagskaki brings to you our very own BUY NOW PAY LATER campaign.

Highlights of the campaign:
  1. Pay with 2x or 3x installments – YOU decide as long as the last payment is made by 31st January 2010.
  2. Applicable for both ‘Stocks in Hand’ and ‘Pre Order’ items.
  3. Applicable to any amount, any brands, any number of items – absolutely NO restrictions.
  4. Further slashed prices on selective items.
Oh no, I can't help grinning like the monkey above. As if that isn't enough already, to add more fun stars to the bucket:

For those who do not need the installment facilities & prefer to make immediate payment a.k.a Cash&Carry, they get to enjoy :
  • An additional 5% discount for Designer brands, 20% discount for gin&Jacqie bags.
  • Free gin&Jacqie Gummi Candy cosmetic pouch worth RM34.00.
And if you mention that you're a reader of The Luxurious Fashionista, instead of the Gummi Candy cosmetic pouch, you're entitled for a FREE gin&Jacqie Swinging Nikki waist pouch worth RM79.00. Ain't that awesome? ;)

You're salivating already, aren't you?

Bags Kaki

*Terms and conditions apply. Kindly head over to Bags Kaki for further information.

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