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Sunday, November 15, 2009

How's your weekend? ;)

OH MY! That heart zipper just blown me away.
Pssst, our Contest #2 sponsored by GA is still running!
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xoxo, mer?

Perhaps I should get one, and place it on my door.
Hopefully the next day I wake up with something inside.
A bag? Nah, can't fit. Maybe *kaching!* would be good?
So I can buy MORE bags MORE handmade goodies! :P


OH! That's one very the special handle, no? ;)


Comes together with a coin pouch leh!
I mean it's damn worth it lor right? :P


Gucci Inspired a little bit, maybe? :P
They've got A LOT of other bags too!
Go check them out already girls! ;)


Flown in all the way from Ireland! ;)


And something lovely for the beach perhaps?

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