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Monday, November 16, 2009

Contest #5 - I ♥ you... Do you ♥ me?

You babes who have been reading my blog should know how much I adore every single one of you, yes? You girls are the reason I go through all this hassle organising contests just so you can win yourself bags and cash vouchers! But but but... Do you love me back just as much? Guess I'll find out soon. ;)

What you gonna do is real simple, answer this question:

"What do you love most about Miss TLF and why?"

Make me so happy with your praises to the extent that I'll do the jiggle wiggle dance, or touch me deep down inside and you might just walk home with cash vouchers worth up to a total of RM200* generously sponsored by Orange Little.

Want to win yourself cash vouchers to get these shoes, darlings?
Send your gleeful "rub-shoes" messages to my email already!
Most heartfelt sincere email that tugs at my heartstrings wins! ;)

*Note: There will be two winners for this contest! Yayyy!!!

First prize: RM150 worth of cash voucher
2nd prize: RM50 worth of cash voucher

On a side note, I've always ALWAYS adored their shoes, they're all very trendy and up-to-date. Their prices are also very much affordable too. But most importantly, Miss Orange, the babe behind this blogshop has always been real nice and patient with me and my multiple questions. I mean some blogshop owners just go kaboom and snap at me, but not Miss Orange; one of the best customer service I've experienced by far. ;)

Okay, back to some serious business. *professional tone*
The rules you MUST adhere or you'll be disqualified:

Email subject titled: Contest #5

"Hi, my name is [insert name]."
And this is my contact number: [insert h/p no.]


Email your entry to iamtlf@live.com! ;)
Contest ends: 18th November 2009 at 12am.


CONTEST #5 is generously sponsored by:

Orange Little

P/S: Rub-shoes is the direct translation of "zhat-hai" in canto. :P

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