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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Contest #2 - I'm addicted to you!

How to?
Simply be a FOLLOWER of The Luxurious Fashionista. *giggles*
Yes, it's all that simple babes! Easy peasy, isn't it? Woots woots! :D

How will the winner be selected?
I will randomly select from the list of participants.
Don't worry, I'll do the write-name-on-paper-and-fold.
Then I'll just pick one folded name and TADAH! :D
Easy peasy, isn't it? Everybody stands a chance to win! :D

What will you win?
Miss China proudly sponsored by Glossy Addiction!


Say if you're the winner of the contest alright? And and and...
You're addicted to something else from Glossy Addiction?
You're entitled to change this free bag for a RM50 voucher!
The voucher can be used for any purchase above RM80.
So yeah, you may either pick the bag, or the cash voucher! ;)

Rules you MUST adhere or you'll be disqualified:

Email subject titled: Contest #2

Hi, my name is [insert name].
And I'm now following you under [insert username].
Oh, this is my contact number: [insert h/p no.]

What if... you're already a follower? :D
Even easier, all you gotta do is to email me!

In case you were wondering to yourself...
"Oh my gosh! What's my username?"

Here's an example:

If I move my cursor to the top left corner,
the name pops up! That's the username!
If you have any questions, email me kay! :D

Submit your entry to iamtlf@live.com! ;)
Contest ends: 18th November 2009 at 12am.
You've got a week to consider to stalk me or not?


This CONTEST #2 is generously sponsored by:

Glossy Addiction

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