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Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Miss TLF!

Miss TLF turns ONE!!!

Miss TLF is ONE today!!! *claps-cheers-claps*
It has been one hellavu awesome year, really! :D

I remember, it was exactly a year go... A week or two before my finals, when this review blog was borne, out of the evil Miss Procrastinator in me. I screen-shop A LOT in the wee hours of the morning when I get all worn out reading those dry materials.

I really was inspired by Yien Yee from A Shopaholic's Den, who shares her great findings with us all. So, being a bagaholic like that, I wanted a site where I could check out on all the recent updates on bags and bags alone. And then the thought of a bag review blog just snapped at me, and voila... The Luxurious Fashionista was born. :D

Hehe, to all avid readers out there, thank you for sticking around! Newcomers, don't feel like you've been outcast-ed, I appreciate your support just as much! :D

Okie dokie, enough of my babblings. RIGHT....
To our first contest everyone's been waiting for!!!

*jeng jeng jeng - drumrooooollllssss*


Contest #1 -Happy Birthday, Miss TLF!

Send me a Happy Birthday email in the most creative way possible. You can either try to make me laugh or cry tears of joy, anything, it's very flexible and all up to you.

Yeap, as simple as that. And the person with the most creative email will walk away with ONE authentic gin&Jacqie Runaway Julie tote worth RM110 (WHOAH!!!!) as you can see right below! ;) Yeappie do, winner gets to choose between the Red or the Purple. :D

Rules you MUST adhere or you'll be disqualified:

Email subject titled: Contest #1

"Hi, my name is [insert name]."
And this is my contact number: [insert h/p no.]


Email your entry to iamtlf@live.com! ;)
Contest ends: 11th November 2009 at 12am.


This CONTEST #1 is generously sponsored by
our main sponsor for Miss TLF's mini party
who is none other than... BAGS KAKI!!!! :D

Bags Kaki

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