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Monday, October 19, 2009

Tell me a story.

How many of you actually step out of the house without spicing up your outfit with accessories? By accessories, I meant jewelry like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. I, for one, wouldn't go out without either of the aforementioned. It's like a habit that I adapted. ;)

When I stepped in to this whole e-shopping blogshophere world, there was this one particular blogshop that I particularly favour. And would definitely pay them a daily visit to check if they've updated. Sometimes once a day, sometimes twice.

This blogshop that I'm talking about is A Fashion Story. They used to be on Blogger, but now they've gone dot com. And have since brought in more and more bewtifoooool accessories for you and me! YAY!!! :D

I like their style. It's not too fancy, just simple yet at the same time pretty.

And one thing I noticed is that their accessories are very lady-like. *giggles*

And and and the most important thing to note...


By affordable, I mean like REALLYYYYY super duper cheap. :D
From as low as RM11 can! Their prices NEVER exceed RM20.
Totally value for money can! Hor, I know you're excited already.

And hey, like you can already tell, they've got everything trendy too!

Oh oh oh, something for my lovely bag addicts out there... They're selling bag organisers too! Help us messy bagaholics get organised. :P And if like me, you've got plenty of bags and you switch around them... Isn't this like the most convenient thing ever? Just shift that organiser around. Kacang putih only! *giggles* :P

Pretty things + Affordable prices = Happy shoppers! :D

So if you too wanna be a happy shopper, just like me, what chu' waiting for?

A Fashion Story

Hop on over to A Fashion Story already! :D

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