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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Luxury + sales.

Tell me who doesn't like the two words above to be associated together in one sentence? I can go absolutely bizarre already. Especially when we hear big designer brand names like...





(Info: LV has NEVER gone on sales before can!)


And many more other big luxury brands!!!
Aren't you excited already, OH MY GOSH?

And they don't just sell bags only alright? The products on their racks range from wallets, coin purses, wristlets, totes, and almost anything that we can categorize under the Bags list. You should have seen Miss TLF (yes, me lah duhhh!) go GA-GA just browsing through. ;)

They even have cosmetics, oh dear, AWESOMENESS!!! :D

(I have one of this too! Super handy, you also must get. :P)

I know there's only one question left unanswered.

"Where can I get all of these already?"


Price ranges from as low as RM170 can!!! *faints*
And do keep in mind one word - AUTHENTICITY.

IF you're having any doubts at all regarding the authenticity of the items, they're willing to head over to the respective shops with you to verify the authenticity of the bags before you make full payment. Now, what's there left to worry, babes? Go ahead and splurge already!!! Yes, like now! You don't want to hesitate because you simply cannot afford to. Hurry, offer ends 19th October at midnight!!! You've got barely 24 hours left.

The Shopaholics Bar
The Shopaholics Bar - the place to be today. ;)

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