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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beauty queen.

xoxo, Winkstick

She's a beauty, ain't she? The have-it-all package bag.
Beautiful, elegant, trendy, casual - all in one. Yummeh!


xoxo, MNTB

More florals this Spring? ;)


Everything they sell is just so cuteeee and sweet! *grins*
Look at those heart-shaped button. And ladybug zipper!
I'll let you in to a secret: I heart drawing ladybirds. Teehee.
Maybe one day, I post up a picture of my drawing. :P


This newbie certainly knows how to catch our attention.


We haven't seen a bucket bag like this before.
Have we babes? Certainly not before this.
So the very berry unique and special, no? ;)


I know my love for bucket bag has yet to fade away.
So cute dot com. Mini bucket bag... Cool idea, really! ;D


They have all sorts of bags in store.
Studded ones like the above. Quilted.
And plenty more you should check out.

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