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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Of glitz & glamour!

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Snazzy Mesh Zebra Hobo

I love how the handle is made out of metal hoops.
Totally cool already with the zebra motifs, can?
What more it's so glitzy... Oh-so-glamourous right?
Clubbers, get one to show off to the other chicks! :P


Item: Moscow Mule

Very elegant bucket bag I must say.
Speaks CLASS, don't cha all agree? ;)


Item: Studded Shana

It's made out of 100% polyester but looks leatherish!
And hey, it was flew in all the way from London babes!
Which means it's not restockable, so hurry up already! :D


Item: PG Bag's Corner

Now we haven't seen something like this yes?
Very sweet looking! Available also in white! :)


Item: Addicted to Monograms

Are you a fan of Louis Vuitton?
Are you addicted to monograms?
Can you not afford an authentic?
If your answer is 'YES' for all...
You know what to do next - HOP OVER!


Item: Gucci Batch 1

In the replica world, there's authentic and non-authentic too.
This is apparently the authentic, which means a mirror image.
Charging for as low as RM170, what more can we ask for? ;)


Item: BG023

Now now, this is what I call the real Vintage Bag. :)
Loving it already? Click on the link above to make order!

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