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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Boo the connection! I'm back!

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Houndstooth Tote

Never mind whether or not it's a Bottega Veneta inspired...
It's just so classy and elegant that you just GOTTA have it!
And it's only RM49, which is super duper affordable yeah!


Item: Anna Sui Design 3

This is definitely something different. Me likey! :D
All other Anna Sui inspired are floralies, but this isn't.
The white is very very classy I'd say, and trendy too!


Item: RCA80235

It's pretty isn't it? Where's the bf already?
*cough cough* I need a new bag for uni! :P


Item: Anna Sui Bag

Anyone haven't yet bought their Anna Sui inspired?
Once a big hit in the market a few weeks back yeah?
Maybe they're coming back? *winks* RM40 inc postage!


Item: LeSportsac Bag

They are unauthentic but still high in quality. :D
Brought in from overseas, so you might wanna hurry!


Item: Pink LV

Charging at RM360 for a replica that looks exactly the same as the original, I'd say that of course it'll be worth it. But that is provided, it really is the mirror of an authentic, right babes? That, however, I won't be able to assure you of its quality, but quoting from the owner in her email - Quality reassured. So if you girls don't mind taking the risk, hit on the link already! :)


Item: Emma

Anyone up for the more Indie look, babes?
Or anyone who fancies embroidered bags? :)

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