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Friday, August 14, 2009

I check you.

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Checkered Drawstring

When I started to fall in love with bucket bags...
There were sooooo few in the market, really.
But now, there are all sorts of pretty designs - like this!
And it's checkered... Another of my all-time favourite! :)


Item: UD241195

Hmm, which one would you go for?
The lighter or the darker blue, babes?
I'd go for the lighter one... What bout you?


xoxo, Miss OCD
Item: Zippedee Doodee

Like Miss OCD said, the bag speaks for itself.
Great PU leather quality with exposed zip. :)
And oh, the drawstring too! It's like so 'IN' now.


Item: LV Replica

As it says there, Grade 4A to 5A++ replica...
Hmm, does that sound awesome to you or what?


Item: Leather Maroon

I know there are loads of vintage lovers out there...
And this is definitely your thing, no? Can't you see?
Look closely and notice... It's a snake-skin strap!!!


Item: Small Tommy Tote

Don't get it wrong babes, this is an authentic!
Or so I think... You should double check! :D


Item: Coach Mini Sabrina Medium Satchel

Graded A++ going at RM120 babes.
And that's inclusive of postage yeah? :)

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