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Monday, August 17, 2009

Issshhh! Seriously boo my home Internet!

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Jimmy Choo inspired

A handbag inspired by the ever famous Jimmy Choo.
But irregardless, I think the bag is pretty as it is already.
Speaks very much of itself - trendy and yummmeh! :D


Item: Sabino Bucket Bag

More bucket bags! See anything special bout this?
The "drawstring" is so chanel inspired can! Must have!


Item: Blue Round Stripes

Very sailor-ish, don't cha think? Me likey! :P


Item: Carrie Me

Not your ordinary clutchie clutch clutch yes? ;)
It has diamante patterns which I kinda likey.


xoxo, TeAmo
Item: Authentic Guess

Love the swarovski big G charm on the front?
I do! I love swarovski! They're pretty! :D :D :D
And goes very well with this sling Guess bag too!


Item: Exclusive

The blogshop's name reminds me of Lady Gaga! :P
And one of her song in particular too... Can you guess?
Oh btw, that's a LV replica. Has a summer-ish feel yeah?


Item: The Max Sling

Simplicity at its best yet again, no? :)
Something for school or college perhaps?


Item: Plain

Indeed, it is plain. But sometimes... Just sometimes...
We want to go out all plain, casual and simple. Yes? :D

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