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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chik chak!

*Bag (Pouch) of the Day!*

xoxo, mer?
Item: Camera Pouch

It's so cute can? Can totally replace the typical looking
leather pouch we get for free with purchase of camera.


Item: Ooh Great Britain!

Everyone's so into this whole Britain flag-theme, no?
I know it's pretty, and yes it's quilted with a chain strap...
But hey, what happened to our Malaysia Boleh, eh?
Someone should come up with Ooh Great Malaysia. :P


Item: Biggie Ribbon Cutie Shoulder

It's so adorable, don't cha think babes?
Especially with that ribbon... So sweet!
Comes in a few colours. Go check out! :D


Item: Mr Owl Pouch

Totally put together all BY HAND. Awesome-ness!
And notice the Vintage Tear Drop with golden chain.
Not to forget the vintage buttons. Can you spot 'em?


Item: 0907-44

The black one looks nice! Very unique colour match. :)
Only RM13 for the polka dotsies and ribboney pouch!


xoxo, Miss OCD
Item: Roomy Roomy

I love the exposed zipper details at the corners.
It's simply big and it looks nice just simple yeah? :)


xoxo, Chance
Item: Boaster Box

Going at RM49 for this vintagey bucket bag. :)


Item: Just Bag It

And yeap, more vintage for you girls! :)

A little note for all:
Psst, Miss OCD, Chance as well as Like Seriously...
All three blogshops have almost similar bags for sale now.
You might wanna check out the $$$ first before purchase.
Don't we all love competition as consumers, yeah babes? :D

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