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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Make love, not war. :)

xoxo, Wah! So Cheap!
Item: 002500

Wah! So pretty! Wah! So feminine!
Most importantly... WAH! SO CHEAP!
This beautiful bag is up for grabs at RM25!


xoxo, My Kedai Runcit
Item: Sling Bag A

So exclusively sweet can? :)
And you get a free bunny with it!
They have it in two designs, woots!
And no remakes, so hurry up and grab!


xoxo, Cute Canteen
Item: Shoulder Me Bag

It's not your typical bucket bag, not only cox it's so glossy.
Look at it closely and you'll notice a weaved ribbon. :)
Yeap, you've guessed it right... That's the "drawstring".


xoxo, Just Bag It
Item: Estee Lauder Make-up Bag

This is a limited edition, and totally worth every penny!
Click on link provided above and you'll know why I said so.
There are soooo many compartments! So convenient can! :)


xoxo, Sparrow Girl
Item: Kukumalu Key Storage Holder

Now you don't have to mess your whole bag. ;)
And it's only $5! Not sure if it's in MYR or not.


xoxo, Kaimono Spree
Item: Natural Straw Bag

Now, I gotta say that, yes, it's a tad bit pricey at RM58.
But you girls gotta agree with me the workmanship is...
SO BEEEEEEWWWTIFOOOOL! Right right right? :D


xoxo, Tynas Vintage
Item: Love Peace

This is a pre-loved item, but used only twice.
And it's going for RM19, which is a steal! :D
And yes, this is Miss TLF in support of....
Make LOVE and Not War! Peace, girls! :)

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