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Friday, August 7, 2009


*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Patches

A handmade from second hand fabrics! Me loikeeeey! :)
Especially with the sides made up of leather, omgosh!!!
Comes with a long strap to sling it across your shoulders. ;)


Item: Brenda
Comes in three colours - white, brown, black.
Simply love the design of the bag, don't you too?
What with the braids sewn on the front yeah. :)


Item: The Elephant Bag

The flap really does look like an elephant trunk.
Teehee, this is just so cute can? Agreed, girls? :)
And looks high in quality too. Worthy purchase!


Item: BG1160

Psst, they're having a promotion.
Sounds something like a discount...
Oh, and free postage too! Wooots! :D


Item: Stripes Pouches/Pencil case

Simplicity at its best - pretty and nice. :)
Love the white pearl dangling down the ribbon.
Simply adds on a touch of feminine elegance.


Item: Bag with Multiple Style

Comes with a pouch that's detachable.
And can be used as another sling bag.
So it's like a 2 for the price of 1 bag!!! :D


Item: BG01L7

Simply adore the colourful stripes. Teehee.
And also the flower petals, don't you think like it?
Love how it's made out of different colours. :D


Item: Black Cat

A black patent bags for everyday use.
Something that will be suitable for any occasion.
And will never run outta trend too! :D

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