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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Woof woof! ;)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Doggie Casual Sling

Soooo cute! Somemore got two flaps as its ears! :D
Comes in four colours - Pink (!!!), Gold, White, Silver


Item: Vera

I love bucket bags! I love bucket bags! I love bucket bags!
I know lah, it's the umpteenth time I'm saying it already. :P
What more when it's quilted and looks oh-so-classy yeah?


Item: Cocoa Butter

Mini vintagey sling bag babes! :D


Item: Studded Bag

More studs on vintage slings! Yippee for you vintage lovers!


Item: Gingham Beauty

You know what? I used to not like rattan bags. :P
But the checkered bows made me change my mind.


Item: Golden Brass

Apparently the material is a mix with real leather. :)
If so, it's real worth it for RM69, don't cha think babes?


xoxo, mer?
Item: Handmade bags

mer? specialises on handmade bags!
The above is among her collections. :)


Item: Red Checkered Pouch

Comes with a keychain and bookmark too! ;D


Item: Pleasure of Colours

The outer layer is made of genuine patent leather.
They have LV Vernis wallets too. Go grab already! :)


Item: Authentic Liz Clairborne

This is a pre-loved item yeah babes? :)
But the best part of all is... *jeng jeng jeng*
You can name a price!!! Cool kan? :D


cheapprettythings said...

Muchas Gracias!! Thats so cuute :P

*i'll tell u if I have more bags and shoes :P

Anonymous said...

aren't rubi shoes sold in singapore for just $12 only. convert to msian ringgit, its only about rm26! come down to singapore and see for yourself at COTTON ON;)

Luxurious Fashionista said...

That cheap?!! Why is it that Rubi shoes seem most expensive in melbourne? Boo! And I bought so many pairs for myself somemore. :(

Geez, I haven't been to Spore since I was 4! Can u believe it? I seriously need a trip down!

cheapprettythings said...

Ohh dears.

Normal la tu, they're seller, ayt?

Just for pre-loved items, no one should EVER sell at higher price.

*promote :P

Luxurious Fashionista said...

Haha Cheap Pretty Things, so you mean that only for pre-loved items, don't sell for higher prices? But for normal items, it's normal? Haha! I agree much!

cheapprettythings said...



Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D