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Monday, June 29, 2009

Are You A Baggynista?

This Special Feature is brought to you by:

Me Baggynista

Yeap, you've guessed it right, darlings. *giggles*
It's all about bags, bags and bags!!! Hip hip hurray!
I guess the name of the blogshop says it all, no? :)

They have a whole wide range of pretty bags.
And I cannot help going ooh and aah over them. :P
Look at the above padlock bag! So Chloe inspired!

I bet many of you have seen this baby.
But have you gotten one yet? Yes/No?
If no, I'd reckon you get one for yourself. :)

Not a tote/sling bag person? Fret not!
They have handbags and clutches too! :D

Quilted and simply pretty-licious!
You can bring it anywhere at all.
Pretty much suits any sort of occasion, no?
College/movies/casual outings/yumcha! :)
Psst... They have it in baby pink too! *gasps*

Their bags are really priced reasonably!
You practically pay for what you get. :)
This cute bag is only RM30! Go grab already!

Ahhh... I uber uber love the soft yellow colour.
Gives it a suhweeet candy-touch, yes darlings? ;D

Whoah! I love bags with plentiful zippers.
Because that would mean more compartments!
If like me, you like having your stuffs organised...
Well you know what to do next, right huns? :P

Up next we have this blue Miu Miu inspired bag babes! :D
Don't cha all just love the chain that ties the handle to the bag?

Saving the best for the last, this is my favourite!
Golden studs all over this yummeh design. Woots! :D

I'd definitely go for the pink with white lining. What about you?

These are only a few choices that I am featuring.
They have plenty more that I can't fit into one post.
You gotta hop over to check them out already, can?

Me Baggynista

Oh, did I forget to mention that they're having promotion?

The first 10 customers will receive 10% discount. Return customers will get an extra 5% which equals up to 15%!!! Yummmeh! That's not it. If you purchase 2 bags or more, you will get free postage. Save up for postage. Get your friends and family to buy too because if you purchase RM100 & above, you will not only get free postage, but you will also receive a free mystery gift. The more the merrier! :D

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