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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pink of health! :)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Rich Samantha Vega Inspired

It is quilted. It has a bow. The chain is pretty. ;)
And it has the word RICH on the bow. Chio much!


Item: Bag Corner

It's a tad high in price at RM195.
But I've gotta say it's really elegant!
Available in black and mint green too!


Item: Picnic or Beach?

I'd say both! And anywhere else too, yes babes?
It's just so pretty, you can carry it everywhere!


Item: Famous Bag

We've seen TOO many of this, yes?
But not in this shade right? Pretty!
They have it in PURPLE too can!!! :D


Item: Buckle Up

It has a very classy and vintage feel, don't cha think?


Item: Smiley Faces

Oh-me-gosh! So adorable can die!!! Love love love! :D
And it's RM12 only babes! Are you a smiley person too?


Item: Country Road Bag

It's foldable and ideal for any occasion at all, yes?
Priced at RM40 - a price you can't get else where. ;)
Provided it's authentic though! Ask before purchase!


Item: BG05193

Though it's a tad bit pricey at RM110 but...
They're providing free courier service babes! ;)

Note: Miss TLF's readers get 15% discount!!!
All you gotta do is to mention this in your email...
"I am a reader of The Luxurious Fashionista." :)


Item: Square Inches

The name of the bag caught me first.
And then I went... "Hmm, interesting!"


Item: Who Loves Lucy?

Do you? Yes? Go grab this last piece then! ;)


Item: Seashells Bag

We've seen lotsa fringes bag around, no?
But this is something different for a change! :)


Item: Mini Tote Bag

Pre-loved from Deeper and Harder.
(Sounds real wrong that brand. Haha!)
They're letting go for RM5 only! STEAL!

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