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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meooooow! Me being random. :P

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Tommy Hilfiger Multi Colour Tote Satchel

Phewww! That's a mouthful long name. Hahaha!
Oh, I uber love how pink and brown go together! :)
I think they're really pretty. Ah yes, they have blue too!


Item: Another Gorgeous

Remember I reviewed a white piece? :D
Now they have it in pink and blue too! Yum!


Item: Madonna Inspired Studded Bag

Super super trendy and classy I must say!
They have black as well, but I prefer white.


Item: Triple String

Oh, this bag is simply amazing babes! ;)
Can be carried in so many ways. Woots!
And they come in a variety of colours too!


Item: Vintage Weaved Bag

More weaved bag for you girls out there!
The vintage brown looks a bit orangey yes?
And I think it will definitely make heads turn.


Item: Checked Tote

Huge totes never run out of trend.
And they're so ever convenient! :D


Item: Blue Checkered Sling

Vintage inspired bag! I still love checks! :D
When will I ever get sick of it? I wonder...


Item: POP!

OHMEGOSH!!!! So adorable can! Cannot resist! :D
Personally adore the green one most. Awwwww!!!
Caught my attention straight away man! Me likey much!


Item: Coach Stud Lurex

Have this thing (love!!!) for luxury items, babes? ;)
Then here's where you should go to! Save quite a bit!

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