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Monday, July 13, 2009

I had a fab weekend! :D

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Winkstick
Item: Studded Toffee

I don't really fancy studs, but this is unique.
It studs really beautifully and looks classy! :D


Item: Pre-order Bags (1017)

Quilted in hearts babes! Sweeet! :D
Suits me perfectly, esp in baby pink!


Item: Coach Heritage Stripe

They're selling authentic luxury brands! :)
But of course at cheaper prices than retails.


Item: Stripe Clutch

Go for black if you want elegance.
Go for silverish grey if you want class.
Go for pink if you're up for baby doll look.


xoxo, PG Bags
Item: R142

All bags are sold at RM38 with free postage! :D
Woohoo!!! Definitely worth a visit yeah babes!


Item: Belty Bag

It's looks like it's brown right?
But it's actually a maroon bag. ;)


Item: Bag 1

Huge totes are still in-trend babes! :D


Item: R612

This two-toned bag is simple but pretty! :D


Item: Jessica Simpson Latitude

Authentic tote can! At a steal! :D


Item: Black Folded Handbag

The folded handbag is the back again! :P
Hurry up and order if you're interested!

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