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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two bags of the day! :D


xoxo, Fascinate
Item: Fantastic

You girls should already know my fetish for bucket bags!
Right right right? I can't decide which one I'd go for. How?
They're all so pretty hor? Me love love love love love! 


xoxo, Just Bag It
Item: Shiny Sequins

Oh-me-gosh! So pretty! Love the pink chain! :D
And the sequins too! So pretty and glitterish.
Better not bring it out for dinner with your date.
Or he'll admire the bag all night instead of you. :P

Yes I'm breaking my own rules. But I can't decide.
Both deserves the title equally much, agreed? :D


xoxo, Just Bag It
Item: Patent Flap Beauty

I cannot get enough of the bags at Just Bag It.
They have a whole variety of to-die-for bags, can?
That's why I nominated them. For what you ask?
For the 2nd XOXO Award larh! *ketuk kepala*
Have you voted already? No? Head over to the sidebar!


xoxo, Le Femme Fatale
Item: Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly

Does anyone here not know Ed Hardy?
Please raise your hands. Not like I can see.
But hey! It's really quite known and famous!


xoxo, mer?
Item: Passport Holder

I've always wanted mum to sew me something like this.
But never got around to asking her to do so. *giggles*
But now mer? is selling one. You can customize if you like.


xoxo, C-Stylish
Item: Coach Designer Deals

This is a pre-loved item, but it's barely used.
Plus the owner is letting it go at a cheap deal! :D


xoxo, Shop With Narnia
Item: Chanel Patched Wallet

Chanel No. 5! That's the fragrance, no?
Patchy patchy work, anyone up for it? ;)


fashionkraaziness said...

WOW! I want that Ed Hardy bag! It's so sweeet. Just another to add to the collection! Get them online here at http://www.instylehandbag.com/designer-handbags/ed-hardy

Luxurious Fashionista said...

Thanks babe for the info! :)

Hit on OLDER POSTS for more! :D