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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wild wild west!

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Just Bag It
Item: Leopard Spots

Hohoho! Wild girls are going to go wild seeing this wild bag.
Oh, they have gingham checkered and other designs too! :P


xoxo, Sweet Toothsome
Item: My Studded Bag

Studdies on baggies, trendy and edgy! :D


xoxo, Chance
Item: Chance Choice C

I love the bottom one most! The triple C's! :D


xoxo, AliceWonders.com
Item: MUSE Sapphire Blue

Whoah! This one is striking and outstanding!
Definitely classy and will make heads turn. ;)


xoxo, My Dear Shoppers
Item: Preloved Liz Clairborne

Give this baby a second chance to be loved! :)


xoxo, My Dressing Barn
Item: VS Luggage Tag

Oh-so-chic to add on to our luggage! ;)
Forget mundane typical looking luggages!


xoxo, Thrifty Fashion
Item: Duo Braided Oval Bag

Now now, something for the vintage-lovers! ;)


xoxo, The Vintage Socialites
Item: Leather Satchel Sling

Dress for yesteryears! Drift back to the past..... ;P


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