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Friday, May 22, 2009

More pictures of Rubi Shoes! :)

*Updates on Special Pre-Order for Rubi Shoes!!!*

I will only be taking orders in until the 28th May 2009.
Or until I hit my quota limit, then orders will be closed.
(My friend don't have much space left in her luggage.)
All payment has to be made by the 29th May 2009. :)

I'm Not Plain Jane in Bright yellow and Nude.

Gold and Black

Bright Yellow, Salmon Pink, Red, Silver, Sky Blue, Gold.

I Check You actually comes in a few colours. :)
(But I'm not too sure if the rainbow one is still available)

I Check You is now available in Red too! :D

Hurry up and secure a pair, as I'm taking in only limited orders!
If you're interested in getting a pair, click here for more info. :)


mrym said...

this shoes is highly recommended :)
my friend from Australia also used this shoes.


qatrun said...

i am so scared to order coz i have a gigantic feet.huhu

Anonymous said...

Aw, just missed the deadline. Sobs. Hope there's a Batch 2? >_<

Luxurious Fashionista said...

mrym: Thanks babe for the nice comments. :)

qatrun: They do offer up to size 41.

xoxo: Hey darl, yeah orders are closed. Both Batch 1 and Batch 2. But there might be another one in the future. Probably end year. :)

Kimmycake said...

If there's another batch, could you let me know? kimanne101@gmail.com

Thanks! (:

Luxurious Fashionista said...

Kimmycake: Sure thing dear! :)

eatmyshort said...

yeah me too! stfuamie@gmail.com
thanks much :D

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