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Monday, April 6, 2009

Where are you from? England? :P

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Me Love England
Price: RM47

This bag totally deserves the *Bag of the Day!* title!
For the design and price, this is an ABSOLUTE steal!
It's quilted & made of denim material, what's more to ask?


Item: Acid Wash
Price: RM30

Yes, more denim material bags, babes! :D
Totally loving how casual and simple this bag is.
Yet it shouts out TRENDY-ness, no? *grins*


Item: L.O.V.E Bag
Price: RM30

Indeed it is all about bags! Woots! They have few designs!
Go check them out! So affordable the prices! And that's...
Psssttt, inclusive of postage!!! Yes, it's time you head over! :D


Item: Large Brown Tote
Price: RM55

There's even a sling strap provided, girls! :D
It's all bout the V-word. Yeap yeap... Versatility!


Item: Petrina
Price: RM43

The casual bag to go with any outfit on a weekend.
Comes in three colours! Go have a look! :D


xoxo, iXora
Item: Coach Inspired Bag
Price: RM85

With all that zippers, I reckon this Coach inspired is chic!


Item: Anna Sui inspired
Price: RM30

Any Anna Sui fans here? Raise your hands.
Yes you, they have black, pink and purple! :D
So if you don't wanna miss out, hurry up already!


Item: Lazy Clouchy
Price: RM65

Reminds me of a couch potato! :P
Feels like it's super relaxed, hor? Haha!


Item: Purple Velvet
Price: RM28

It's studded. It's velvet. There's a faux belt-looking strap.
And most importantly, it's uber affordable for a bag, no? :D

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