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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Me is the back! :D

I apologise for not updating yesterday! My bad, totally! :(
I've been loaded with assignments and readings. Sooo busy!
But fret not girls, because Miss TLF is back already! Yay!!!
After I'm done printing my work, here I come straight away!
So, it's time to get back to serious business already! ;)


*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Luggage Coin Bag
Price: RM32

So totally cute, can? And it's handmade, babes! :D
You girls should know by now already right...
How much I am in support of handmade items?
Especially in those which are made so beautifully!


Item: Hobo Bag
Price: RM60

Come on, you girls gotta agree with me... It's sweet, no?
Absolutely loving it already. Can fit your books too! :D


xoxo, Love, Mel
Item: Little Wrist Bag
Price: RM35

Yayness! More handmade bags! Kudos to you, girl!
Suitable to bring along to the beach, or a casual outing.
Big enough to fit your purse, handphone and iPod! :D


Item: Chanel Inspiration
Price: RM48

They have these Chanel Inspired babies in few designs!
Hurry up and go check them out already! *Runnnnnn!*
So affordable and pretty, I'm sure you don't wanna miss out!


Item: Bucket Classic
Price: RM56

Absolutely loving bucket bags! Don't you too?
And this is totally classic yet trendy, girls! :D


Item: Ladies Handbag
Price: RM29

Made of leather one, no kidding! Cheap kan? ;)
And it has the weavy-weavy design somemore.


Item: Casual Sling/Shoulder Bag
Price: RM19

Did you girls just saw that? OMGOSH! RM19!!!
This is madness!!!! *insert Sparta voice* :P
I think they've seriously lost their mind! So cheap!
But never mind. *shhh!* Faster go grab girls!!!


Item: Cat in a Purse
Price: RM49

Where's the cats? Where? Where?!!! Apalah you?
There lah, on the purse! Three of them somemore.

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