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Friday, April 3, 2009

A quickie! :)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Doublewoot
Item: Burberry Inspired
Price: RM95

I am definitely not over with checks just yet.
It's obvious, isn't it babes? *giggles* :)


xoxo, Little McQueen
Item: Chammillionaire
Price: RM35

The outer look of thie chequebook clutch is CLASSY!
And it's most importantly, convenient can? Check it out!


xoxo, Scarlet Garment
Item: Chanel Inspired
Price: RM38

With such an affordable price...
What's there left to ask for, girls? :)


xoxo, A & J Pre-Order
Item: The Petal Bow
Price: RM44

We've seen plenty of these babies in white, no?
They have it too, but purple... spells ELEGANCE!


xoxo, Le Femme Fatale
Item: Guccioli 2008
Price: RM80

How much is that doggie on the Gucci?
The one with the very cute ribbon! :D


xoxo, The Milkyland
Item: Lovers'
Price: RM53

Ooooooooh! Glossyness = glamourous! *winks* ;)


xoxo, Meylle
Item: Choccy Floral
Price: RM26

More canvas bags babes! Woohoooo! :DDD
They have stripes too! And it's dirt cheap, can?

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