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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miss TLF ain't going no where! :)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Shoppink Queen
Item: Multipurpose
Price: RM49

Handcarry? Shoulder bag? Sling? Backpack? *big eyes*
4-in-1, how versatile can a nice bag like that be already!
A MUST-HAVE recommendation by Miss TLF! ;)


xoxo, We Heart Sundays
Item: Molly
Price: RM28

Only RM28 and it's so cutesie, no? But...
Currently sold out! Maybe get them to restock?


xoxo, Yuka's Personal Paradise
Item: Classy Lady
Price: RM39

Yuka's being nice, sharing her paradise with you babes.
She brought in Gucci and LV inspired wallets/clutches. ;)


xoxo, Xanadu
Item: Princess Enchanted
Price: RM45

The hot pink or the pure white? Make your pick! :)


xoxo, I Luv Me Shopping
Item: Bali Dreams
Price: RM65

Floral prints babes! They have three other designs!
Psst... There's one in the shape of a seashell! Woots! :)


xoxo, Te Amo
Item: Blue Hobo
Price: RM52

They very holey bag can breathe! Hahaha! :P
Tell me, why is Miss TLF becoming soooo lame!


xoxo, Hello Fashionista
Item: Vintage Box
Price: RM59

So totally vintage, can? Vintage lovers.... STEALLLL!

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