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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A tiny update! :D

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Room 8008
Item: Ribbon Pouch
Price: RM25

It's cute and it's speaks glamour! :)
Totally shimmerish to make heads turn.


xoxo, Mira-Cled
Item: Dinner Clutch
Price: RM45

It's satin material, babes! Sweet~
And with ribbons too! Loving it already!


xoxo, Mira-Cled
Item: Miss Sarah's
Price: RM80

Doesn't matter if you're Samantha or Sharon.
It's gonna look equally trendy on you, I'm sure. ;)


xoxo, Rainbow Republic
Item: Wrist Pouch
Price: RM28

This is handmade, girls. Totally lovely can?
And they have a variety of fabric designs for you!
Oh, there's a smaller pouchy too at RM23! ;)


xoxo, Shop with Narnia
Item: New Handbag
Price: RM55

These slouchy large totes are so in. ;)
Especially with charms like hanging down.


xoxo, A Bit of Everywhere
Item: The Studio Bag
Price: RM29

The STUDIO is actually velvet-ty, furry materials! :D

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