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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh belle, dear belle!

In conjunction to the upcoming Easter festival this Friday, Miss TLF and PattyBelle have come together to bring to you some excitement. Woohoo!!! So after putting much thoughts as to how to bring in some fun to the blogosphere, we decided that we'll give you girls free gifts!  *bigggg eyes* PattyBelle is so sweet to sponsor us, can? :)

The Grand Prize will go to the first runner up, who will walk away with Yuan Soup (organic lemon), pretty embroidery organza bag, and 3 sachets of B-Fit Lady Secret Key worth a total of RM49.50!!!

This Luxurious Prize will of course, most certainly be given to the winner of the contest who will walk away with goodies worth RM58.90 in total, consisting a Tresor collection cube bag, 3D nail sticker, and 2 sachets of B-Fit Lady Secret Key. Woooots! :D

We're honouring this contest in conjunction to Mother's Day which is just around the corner, simply because we love our mum. And we bet you girls love your mums just as much, right?  :D

We reckon the prizes that you babes will be walking away with, are going to be great awesome gifts to add-on to your already handmade/bought gift for your mumsie. Or, it could be given just like that by itself. It's good enough, don't cha think? ;)

So, how do we play the game? The conditions are fairly simple, just as long as you follow the three simple steps below, you're real close to winning the free gifts! :D
  • Step 2: Tell us why you think these lovely goodies would make the perfect gift for your dearest mum. It can be as long as an essay, or just precisely written in one short line, as you like. We're leaving the creativity up to you girls. :)
  • Step 3: Using the same username you registered yourself at PattyBelle, drop me an email at iamtlf@live.com with subject "I LOVE MY MUM!" together with your answer.
Contest ends on the 15th April 2009 at 12am sharp. All entries that are submitted pass the dateline will not be qualified for the contest. But you've got a week to go, I believe you girls will be able to submit your entries on time, yeah babes? :)

We all love free gifts, no? So hurry up already and send in your entries! And one more thing, The Luxurious Winner gets to do a special dedication to his/her mum here on The Luxurious Fashionista on Mother's Day! That's provided the winner wants to, that is. Totally optional. :) Okie dokie, good luck girls! :)

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