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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The trendy and the cute! :)

*Bag of the Day!*

Item: Fendi Spy
Price: RM260

This is an inspired bag, fyi babes! :D
But it looks oh-so-trendy, can? Woohoo!
Oh wait, is that a dragon? Or what is it, eh?
Ah, never mind. So long as it stands out. :P


Item: Noir et Blanc
Price: RM80

It was LV, then Gucci, now Chanel! :D
I'm sure there's one that suits your taste, no?


Item: Bunnies Tote
Price: RM39

Cute and adorable canvas totes! :D
For those young at heart girls! Wheeee!


Item: Serena's Bag
Price: RM60

Purchase it with another item and get RM5 slashed off! :D


xoxo, The Stoop
Item: Vintage Bag
Price: RM35

That's inclusive of postage, babes! :D
Very cheap and vintagey, girls! Grab!


Item: Viper
Price: RM30

Hey, what a cute blogshop name! :D
And trendy faux snakeskin clutch!!!

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