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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter, all! :)

*Bag of the Day!*

xoxo, Dolly Kyande
Item: The 3-in-1
Price: RM53

This bag looks absolutely, stunningly, gorgeously GAYA!
It's very versatile and has a style of its own, don't cha think?


xoxo, GOSS:PS
Item: Much Repeated Clutch
Price: RM95

"Whoah! Why is it so expensive wor?"
I know that's surely your reaction right?
Babes, it's handmade which explains it all.
Plus, we haven't seen studs on clutches yet, no?


xoxo, Xanadu
Item: Sling Fling
Price: RM38

Metallic colours slingers! And for such a price, STEAL! :D


xoxo, Stitch
Item: The Pink Bag
Price: RM55

It's pink! Yay! Anyone fancy this uber bright pink bag?


xoxo, Clothesery
Item: Ceramic - Zip It
Price: RM58

Zip it! Zip it! Huh? Which zip? LOL!
Why oh why am I so lame? *giggles* :P


xoxo, Shoppink Queen
Item: Baggies Casual
Price: RM46

It's not your typical casual baggies, babes! ;)
I think this dark blue shade looks really pretty.


xoxo, Red Lips Closet
Item: Tous Replica Long Wallet
Price: RM39

Anyone here loves the lil teddy named Tous? ;D


xoxo, Colors City Shop
Item: Granny Reversable
Price: RM40

I prefer the pink polka dots side. What bout you?
But makes not much of a difference, does it? :D
You'll have both, since it's reversable! Me likeyyyy!


To all my readers, be it Christians or non-Christians,
Miss TLF wants to wish you all.... A VERY HAPPY EASTER! :D

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